London Halal Food Festival 2017


London Halal Food Festival 2017



A truly global mouth-watering celebration at London's iconic Tobacco Dock this summer
19th-20th August 2017

Embark on a tantalising Halal journey around the globe as you experience the world’s most delicious Halal food & drink from over 100 international exhibitors.  Learn More





London Halal Food Festival 2017
19th - 20th August
Tobacco Dock, E1W 2SF

Whether you’re a well-dined halal gourmand, a newfound halal foodie, or are simply looking for a good time with friends and family,  there is something for everyone at the London Halal Food Festival.

  • Discover international Halal cuisines for a truly global eating experience.
  • Indulge in hearty meals from Halal burgers and hot dogs to traditional dishes. 
  • Enjoy tasty sweet treats in our dessert parlour
  • Refresh with a mouth-watering mocktail
  • Relax and unwind in our exclusive Shisha Lounge.
  • Watch your favourite Celebrity Chefs in action in our cookery theatre
  • Participate in activities including the hugely popular Halal Eat Offs
  • Watch your children enjoy the dedicated kids zone
  • Enjoy live entertainment late into the night whilst

2016 highlights

2016 highlights


Watch some of the highlights of London Halal Food Festival 2016


Halal Heroes

Halal Heroes



Our foodie friends are always on the lookout for the latest in the halal food world. Bringing you the top restaurant reviews, the tastiest recipes and lots of pictures that look almost good enough to eat.

Over the next few months you'll see them guest blogging on our site, running competitions for the London Halal Food Festival and, most importantly, giving you the low down on everything that goes on at the show.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, we bring you our Halal Heroes.

Copy of Halal Hangouts.jpg

Halal Hangouts

Three guys who are on a quest to find the best Halal restaurants in the UK and beyond.
The team have been on board since the beginning and you can catch them doing their thing in the Live Cookery Theatre as they once again host the always-fun Halal Eat Offs.
Subscribe to their YouTube channel to follow their journey on a quest for the best!

My Big Fat Halal Blog.png

My Big Fat Halal Blog

Brought to you by A and Z, two students with a hearty appetite for delicious halal food. "Given that there are sooo many choices to dine in London, we realise it can be one of the most stressful decisions one can make. So with that in mind, we've (gladly) taken it upon ourselves to find and review the city's finest cuisines."
You'll also find the occasional recipe so watch out for those!

Halal Chronicles.png

Halal Chronicles

A husband and wife duo with a distinct passionate for food. 
Their ambition is to showcase the most interesting, unusual, unique halal establishments and cuisines in and around London for all us food connoisseurs.

“Follow Our Halal Food Journey and see where it takes you.”

The Halal Food Diaries.jpg

The Halal Food Diaries

Self proclaimed lovers of eating, the Halal Food Diaries provides a snapshot of many eateries in and around London, and it’s all halal!
“The blog is simply about what’s halal, the place, the food , the price and my overall verdict. I am a Londoner-born and bred. The blog is aimed at people who like to eat out at exciting places!”


Implausible Blog

For images to make your mouth water, check out the Instagram account, chronicling hundreds of restaurant reviews mixed in with some fashion and travel fun. There’ll also be the odd museum preview, flower show and all things chocolate!


The London Haloodie.png

The London Haloodie

A London bred 20-something year old with a passion for food, travel and Chanel.
“TLH like to consider ourselves as a little bit more sophisticated in our food choices, so you may not find too many burger or takeaway joints, unless they absolutely blow me away.”



From the super easy to the slightly more adventurous, this blog has it all. There’s even a mix of budget to blowout restaurant reviews along with the odd makeup tutorial thrown in.
You’ll get: “Raves about what I love, my occasional rants about life in general and lots of dry humour and self-deprecation.”