From the healthy to super tasty, here are the top tasty additions to the food world this year. It’s going to be a delicious 2017.

1. Freakshakes

Dive into the deep-end of indulgence with an epic Freakshake. Get the recipe for this Candy Cane & Dark Chocolate Tim Tam Crazy Shake, full of lots of chocolate and cream from

2. Unicorns and sparkles

Unicorn themed desserts are the stuff dreams are made of. And a unicorn ice cream cake will please even the fussiest of hearts.
Credit: The Skinny Fork

3. Edible Flowers

Give your dishes a touch of Michel-starred treatment with some edible flowers. And you don’t need to be a creative genius to make a salad look good!
Credit: Daily Gourmet

4. Eggs in Clouds

This healthy new breakfast trend is packed full of protein, low in calories and takes less than ten minutes to make. Sold? We are.
Credit: A Life of Geekery

5. Tasty Tacos

Fire up your taste buds with the full flavour of a delicious Taco. You can fill them with absolutely anything, but we love the look of this Grilled chicken and avocado street taco that’s perfect for the lunch box!
Credit: Cooking Classy

6. Dragon Bowls

Buddha bowls are your perfect daily dose of goodness, packed full of wholegrains, veggies, nuts and seeds. But with the twist of a spicy sauce, the Dragon Bowl gives you all the comfort food you in need in a flash, whilst still being super healthy.
Credit: Choosing Chia

7. Smoothie Bowls

Ditch that boring cereal and dive into the delights of a Smoothie Bowl. All the goodness of a fruity smoothie but the benefit of feeling like real food.
Credit: Laws of Bliss

8. Edible Cookie Dough

Honestly, we’re surprised this one hasn’t made the list before! Become a kid all over again and devour some delicious edible Cookie Dough. Go on, you know you want to.
Credit: Love from the Oven

9. Sourdough Bread

Bread lovers have no fear, Sourdough is here. The healthier, tastier and fair easier to digest cousin of the loaf we all know and love.
Credit: Buzzfeed

10. Slow Cooker Korean Beef

The tender flavour of Slow Cooker Korean Beef that just melts in the mouth! The perfect combination of sweet and spice in one hearty, meaty dish.
Credit: Slow Cooker Gourmet

11. BBQ Beef Brisket

If you haven’t tried Texan BBQ beef brisket before, then you’re in for a real treat. Slow cooked until tender and juicy, and packed full of flavour, we guarantee this will be your new favourite.
Credit: A Dash of Sanity

12. Empanadas

Filled with meat or veg, either way, Empanadas are good to go! Perfect as a snack, starter or even a tasty party food.
Credit: Cooking for Keeps

13. Pulled jackfruit

Celebrate meat-free Mondays and opt for jackfruit as a substitute instead. Just make sure you buy it unripened, which works wonders in savoury dishes.
Credit: It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken