Thanks to The Ojos Foods, with their delicious range of artisan Spanish food, the halal charcuterie board is a thing of the future. Perfect for pulling together when you have guests over, or just fancy a fancy nibble for two.
As the tasty sister to the traditional board, the charcuterie board has an emphasis on cured meats, from halal cured beef to halal beef spicy chorizo. And the best bit? There’s no cooking involved.
So next time you’ve got some unexpected guests over, or just don’t feel like cooking, follow these steps to create your own halal charcuterie board.

Cured meats

The best charcuterie boards have a good selection of meats. Here we’ve used three; halal cured beef, halal beef salchichon (salami) and halal beef spicy chorizo.
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Like with the meats, it’s never a bad idea to have a selection of cheeses on board (har har), so pick whichever ones you fancy, but a mixture of hard and soft cheeses works best.


Olives and pickles

We’ve just used olives here, but gherkins and pickled onions are also a great addition to any charcuterie board. Also don’t forget chutneys and/or branston pickle.


Fresh fruit

Traditionally grapes would be used, but if you fancy something a little more exciting, cherries are also great. You could even add some apple or pear slices.



Roasted, plain or candied nuts are an excellent option for your charcuterie board. We’ve used almonds, but pecans and walnuts are good too.


Bread and crackers

Now you’ve got your ingredients together, you’ll need something to eat it on. Baguette slices are always a winner, but you could pretty much use whatever bread you fancy. The same goes for crackers. We’ve used both on our board, because why not?


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