Thanks to the team at Implausible Blog, and their brilliant review skills, we've managed to track down the 7 restaurants with the top must-try halal dishes in London.

Whether you're form the big city, or planning to visit the Capital, make sure you take some time out to try at least one of these tasty treats.


Chocolate Glory at Bob Bob Ricard

As you sit, your waiter pours melted chocolate criss-cross over the chocolate sphrere which melts away in part to reveal, the chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, berries and passionfruit and orange jelly. You eat twice, once during the 'show,' then again, with your first bite.


Surf and Turf at Jones Family Project

A classic surf and turf taken up a notch with the rib eye steak cooked in a Josper Grill. For those less familiar these add an additional layer of flavour so much so that once you've had one, you struggle to enjoy a normal steak afterwards! *NB Steak is not zabiha but it is halal.


Crispy Prawns at Grand Imperial

A twist from the traditional fad of wasabi prawns, the crispy prawns in butter oats take your breath away, first account of their size, they are massive, and second, the sweet rich butter oat flavour you never thought would work with a prawn, works perfectly.


Chicken Wings at East Street

Crispy fried chicken wings with sesame and a sweet soy and chilli glaze. Sticky, crispy, the perfect snack.


Lobster at Jackson & Rye

A classic across the city , lobster & chips, for those days where you just want to eat something tasty but are too tired to make a selection from the menu.


Rhubarb and Ice Cream at Outlaws

Known for their stunning Michelin fish courses, an unexpected treat is the discover of their dessert menu serving, in season, perhaps one of the best desserts in London is this Rhubarb & Ice Cream. Enjoyed whether we have a British summer or sunshine.


California Roll at Inamo

A classic California roll with a hint of spice to give it a little punch and make you remember the experience. 


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