Renowned Hum Network has announced the U.K launch of it’s 24/7 dedicated to Pakistani food channel. We are proud to announce that Hum Masala TV will have its official launch at London Halal Food Festival, 19th-20th August, Tobacco Dock London.

HUM Masala is rated as the number 1 Pakistani cooking channel because of the huge audience pool it has been able to generate through its quality content. For more than a decade now, HUM TV’s subsidiary and dedicated channel Masala TV has always been leading the pack in the Pakistani entertainment market. And after much anticipation, Hum Masala is being launched in the UK region.

Hum TV is thrilled to be crossing over to the TV viewers in UK. Announcing the news Mr. Sajjad Shawl the Director of Alliance Advertising & Marketing stated‘’This is indeed exciting news for a platform that showcases the Pakistani culture in all its beauty; and I believe Hum Masala has the potential to go a step further to capitilise on the niche market and ensure the category growth. It is also proud moment for me and my team to be part of the official launch at The Halal Food Festival as media partners”.

The channel goes live from the 14th August and can be viewed on Sky channel 799. The official launch will take place at The London Halal Food Festival on the 19th & 20th of August. Among other stats, it is important to note that HUM Masala TV will be the first ever South Asian channel to be solely dedicated to quality cooking programs.
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