We are proud to have Penny Appeal as Official Charity Sponsor of London Halal Food Festival 2017

Alhamdulillah, with the blessed ongoing success of London Halal Food Festival, we are grateful to be in a position to share our good fortune and this year we have pledged to provide as many people as possible with clean, safe drinking water.

In 2017, every £300 we raise, a well will be built. 

Did you know?

Three childen die every minute from drinking dirty water. With reliable access to clean water, thousands of lives could be saved each day.

Penny Appeal - using small change to make a big difference

This year, Penny Appeal built over 3,500 wells worldwide, providing over 220,000 people with clean, safe drinking water. 
As Thirst Relief has been expanding they are utilising more resources to ensure they find the most appropriate and cost-effective water solutions, tailored to the specific needs of communities. 
Your donations have made it possible for Penny Appeal to build upon the following life transforming projects. 

Learn how Penny Appeal build wells to provide clean water

Building wells
Penny Appeal's water wells are life-changing for women who collect water for their families every day as they have reduced the time it takes to collect water by over five hours a day. 
Healthier living conditions have lowered child mortality rates and have significantly reduced life-threatening illnesses in communities. 

Setting up Solar Panel Water & Power Centres 
This year, they continued supplying water using innovative energy and metering systems. 
As well as running the pump to bring up the water, solar panels generate surplus electricity, which is routed to local schools, homes and to a power station. Here people can charge torches and lanterns and even radios provided by Penny Appeal. 

Water tankers for communities 
In Gaza Penny Appeal delivered thousands of gallons of water to schools, hospitals and homes and to drought-hit villages in East Africa to communities cut off from a clean, safe water supply. 

You Can Give The Gift Of Water

It costs from just £300 to build a well. That’s as little as £25 a month to give whole communities the gift of water. Drinking dirty, diseased water is one of the most common causes of death in the developing world, so you could be saving lives for years to come.

When Penny Appeal met the Abdikarim Family


"In 2016, Penny Appeal visited the Abdikarim family in the village of Nukay, in the Jowhar region of Somalia. Just a few months prior, Penny Appeal had installed a hand-pump well in their village.  I discovered the Penny Appeal safe-water programme when I visited another community over 100 km away to attend the opening ceremony for a Masjid. This village already had a well. 
Our Penny Appeal well is the first of its kind in the village. We're so grateful for the development projects they are bringing here. Our community is growing faster than anyone could have imagined. 
May Allah (SWT) bless everyone who has helped bring clean water to our village. "
-Mohammed AbdiKarim



Penny Appeal are building capacity for communities to better understand the critical roles that water plays in human development and survival. 


Penny Appeal's Integrated Water Programme improves the quality, reliability and coverage of water supplies in desert areas whilst educating communities on the best ways of utilising the supply to Improve health, hygiene, and wellbeing. 
Find Out More About Penny Appeal's Thirst Relief Campaign.

Meet some of the hardworking team from Penny Appeal at London Halal Food Festival 2017 and find out more about their amazing work.