The Soho supper club with a social conscience


London Halal Food Festival is proud to have with us this year The Supper Club Soho - an authentic dining experience in London hosted by talented resettled refugee women - where all proceeds go directly to your refugee hosts.

Discover the vision behind this unique venture from one of these exceptional women in her own words -  

"Often in becoming a refugee you lose your identity as well as your home. Rather than being known as Mother, Lawyer, or Life of the Party - you are reduced to a statistic, an immigration status.
Though safe, you find yourself in a new environment, without any sense of belonging. You may have brought a lifetime of skills with you, but still have trouble supporting yourself. You are vulnerable to exploitation.
The aim of our supper club is to provide a regular source of income for resettled refugee women - and in the process help them to find joy in being part of their new society. In having them host, manage accounts, plan menus, and design the events, they take control and learn entrepreneurial skills that mean they can be independent in whichever way they choose in the future.
We have been fortunate in the generosity of Asma Said Khan, owner of theDarjeeling Express which means all of the money raised from ticket purchases go directly to our Chefs. Her restaurant was founded on the principles of empowering the voiceless to bring truly home cooked food to your table, and has regularly made the list of Best Restaurants in London."

Reserve a seat to attend as their guest, and they will take you on a delicious culinary journey from the heart of Soho through their homeland of Syria. You will experience authentic cuisine freshly made by talented chefs. 

Meet the inspiring women behind this amazing  and discover more about the Soho Supper Club at London Halal Food Festival .