Site Rules & Induction


Please fully read the below information and then sign and submit the form at the end to confirm.

Site Rules & Induction are a requirement under CDM (Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015).  Please read the following carefully and relay to all staff onsite.

CDM places duties on the Principal Client, Principal Contractor & Principal Designer, as well as all contractors on site to apply the following safety principles;

  • eliminate or control risks so far as is reasonably practicable and ensure work is effectively planned
  • appointing the right people and organisations at the right time
  • making sure that everyone has the right information, instruction, training and supervision to carry out their work safely and without risks to health
  • have systems in place to help parties cooperate and communicate with each other and coordinate their work
  • consult workers with a view to securing effective heath safety and welfare measures
  • any actions required should always be sensible and proportionate to the risk


Why have site rules & induction?

  • This is a stated requirement under CDM. The law requires all of us to work safely and we are each responsible for our own actions
  • Any one of us could be prosecuted, fined, even imprisoned for not working safely
  • Everyone has the right to expect to go work in a safe environment and go home from work without injury
  • None of us wants to be injured or to be responsible for anyone else’s injury or death.
  • So even without the law, it still makes good sense to work safely.
  • If you see someone acting unsafely, it is your duty to stop that activity and report it to your line manager.


Site Phases

  • The event period (tenancy) is from 10th – 12th August and is split into 3 clear phases.
  • Be aware of what phase the site is in when you are working on site.
  • Access to the event hall is only available with a contractor pass and must be clearly visible at all times


Red – Friday 10th August 0800 – 1300 hours Amber – Friday 10th August 1300 – 2200 & Saturday 11th August 0700-1100hrs

Green – Saturday 1100hrs  – Sunday 12th August (1900hrs) 

Amber2– 1900 – 2100 hours Sunday 12th August

Red – 2100 – 2300 hours Sunday 12th August


So first be aware of the types accidents most likely to happen on the Exhibition site:

  • Vehicle and mobile plant accidents.
  • Falls from height and being struck by falling objects.
  • Accidents with hand and power tools.


Secondly - be aware of your own employer’s inductions & risk assessments:

  • Your employer should provide you with a task specific induction / tool box talk on arrival at work.
  • You need to know what your employer’s risk assessments say – and apply them to the work you do.


And be aware of the Exhibition site safety rules too:

  • As well as your employer’s assessments, you need to know and comply with the following exhibition site safety rules.


Remember where you are; stick to the Contractors’ & Employers’Code of Conduct;

  • You should be mindful of your behavior at all times
  • No persons under the age of 16 are permitted during the Red & Amber phases of the event
  • Smoking is not permitted – Including E-Cigarettes
  • You must wear hi-vis vests, hard hats and appropriate footwear as per your employers’ risk assessment at all times during the Red Phases of the event.
  • You must ensure the utmost care & consideration is taken when working
  • Alcohol on site is not permitted


Fire Precautions

  • All gangways must be maintained as adequate escape routes (2m) and kept free from obstruction
  • All fires (no matter how small) must be reported to the organisers office immediately
  • All precautions to prevent fires must be taken and advice on fire preventions issues can be obtained from the venue.
  • Please read and understand the venue’s Fire, Bomb and Emergency Procedures that can be found in the Exhibitor



Manual. This must all be distributed to all stand personnel.

  • All stand personnel must ensure they are aware of the location of the nearest fire alarm, escape route and fire extinguishers.


First aid arrangements

  • All accidents/incidents must be reported to the Organisers Office, however minor
  • First aid facilities are available during tenancy hours


General welfare arrangements:

  • Access passes during the red and amber phases of the event will be issued onsite by the security team.  Access during the green phases is by event registration only
  • There are cafes, shops etc within close proximity of the venue
  • Permanent toilet facilities are available within the hall
  • Drinking water is available from the Organisers Office


General safety requirements:

  • Keep the place you are working tidy – avoid slips, trip and falls;  
  • Always clear up your own rubbish and keep your area clear of waste, clean and tidy.  Details of excess waste removal can be obtained from the Organisers office
  • See something unsafe – deal with it yourself if you can - If you can’t, report it to the Show Organisers Office or Floor Manager without delay;
  • Report accidents – even minor ones – it could prevent a more serious one.


General site requirements

  • Use the toilets and hand-wash facilities provided throughout the venue.
  • The use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited
  • Do a brief visual check of any equipment you are using before you start and report any concerns immediately.
  • The contractor is responsible for removing their own waste and disposing of it in accordance to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2012.
  • Liquid waste must not be poured down into either rain water or foul water sewers or drains.
  • Drinking water is available on site – please ask the Show organisers for details


Site rules for use of vehicles and operation of mobile plant:

  • The use of forklifts and other mobile plant is restricted to the appointed lifting contractor only.
  • No vehicles are permitted in the hall without advanced permission from the Show Organisers


Site rules for work at height:

  • Avoid working at height, where possible
  • Use suitable ladders and stepladders - long enough for the job and in good condition


Site rules for Compressed Gases

  • All compressed gas cylinders, prior to being bought into the venue, must be identified and recorded by a venue Fire officer.
  • All gas installations will be checked and signed off by a “Gas Safe” Engineer prior to use
  • All cylinder valves must be fully closed when not in use


Site rules for use of power tools:

  • Training and your employer’s authorisation required for the use any type of power tool;
  • Use of eye, hearing or other PPE as required for the tool – see your employers risk assessment for it.
  • All hot work activities that may generate sufficient heat to cause ignition are prohibited. This may include gas or electric arc welding; hot air paint strippers; lead welding; angle grinding; If in doubt, ask!


Site rules for basic personal protective equipment:

  • Hi-vis (worn properly) & safety footwear to be used during the Red Phase.
  • Other PPE - safety helmet, eye and hearing protection, gloves as required by your own risk assessments;


Disciplinary action in relation to safety

  • Safety is in the same category as work performance and other disciplinary issues;
  • Breaking safety rules will result in a warning to the person concerned and to the company employing them;
  • Repeated breaking of safety rules may result in the Principal Contactor requiring the removal of a contractor from site.