Our foodie friends are always on the lookout for the latest in the halal food world. Bringing you the top restaurant reviews, the tastiest recipes and lots of pictures that look almost good enough to eat.

Over the next few months you'll see them guest blogging on our site, running competitions for the London Halal Food Festival and, most importantly, giving you the low down on everything that goes on at the show.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, we bring you our Halal Heroes.

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Halal Hangouts

Three guys who are on a quest to find the best Halal restaurants in the UK and beyond.
The team have been on board since the beginning and you can catch them doing their thing in the Live Cookery Theatre as they once again host the always-fun Halal Eat Offs.
Subscribe to their YouTube channel to follow their journey on a quest for the best!

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My Big Fat Halal Blog

Brought to you by A and Z, two students with a hearty appetite for delicious halal food. "Given that there are sooo many choices to dine in London, we realise it can be one of the most stressful decisions one can make. So with that in mind, we've (gladly) taken it upon ourselves to find and review the city's finest cuisines."
You'll also find the occasional recipe so watch out for those!

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Halal Chronicles

A husband and wife duo with a distinct passionate for food. 
Their ambition is to showcase the most interesting, unusual, unique halal establishments and cuisines in and around London for all us food connoisseurs.

“Follow Our Halal Food Journey and see where it takes you.”

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The Halal Food Diaries

Self proclaimed lovers of eating, the Halal Food Diaries provides a snapshot of many eateries in and around London, and it’s all halal!
“The blog is simply about what’s halal, the place, the food , the price and my overall verdict. I am a Londoner-born and bred. The blog is aimed at people who like to eat out at exciting places!”


Implausible Blog

For images to make your mouth water, check out the Instagram account, chronicling hundreds of restaurant reviews mixed in with some fashion and travel fun. There’ll also be the odd museum preview, flower show and all things chocolate!


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The London Haloodie

A London bred 20-something year old with a passion for food, travel and Chanel.
“TLH like to consider ourselves as a little bit more sophisticated in our food choices, so you may not find too many burger or takeaway joints, unless they absolutely blow me away.”



From the super easy to the slightly more adventurous, this blog has it all. There’s even a mix of budget to blowout restaurant reviews along with the odd makeup tutorial thrown in.
You’ll get: “Raves about what I love, my occasional rants about life in general and lots of dry humour and self-deprecation.”


Sharmeen Ziauddin is a writer/journalist/blogger,  British, born and bred who "loves sandwiches and complaining about the weather".  She also I also love being a Muslim and says that her British personality compliments her faith perfectly, making the two happily compatible.
BritPakGirl blogs about halal living, including restaurants, travel, days out, recipes and health & beauty.

Logo - ET Food Voyage - Blue.png

A girl born and raised in Hong Kong but now fully enjoying the London life and searching for all the delicious halal food in the city and beyond. I aim to bring a different perspective on the halal food scene in London and share with you all my food journeys. 


A Muslim mum with two daughters, writing about parenting, Islam and working. "This is purely my personal blog where I can ramble away to my hearts content."


Everyday Muslim is a long-term project to create a central archive of Muslim lives, arts, education and cultures from across the UK.


A lifestyle account, chronicling everything from delicious homecooked meals to tasting what's on offer in the stores. There's even a few selfies thrown in and a sneaky peak in to her family life. 

This Instagrammer is so relatable, it's not hard to see why she has gained so many followers!


Inspiring you to cook, Salma posts step by step recipes on her Facebook page. Here you'll find everything from traditional Indian biscuits and mutton pilau to chicken cheese balls and spaghetti bolognese. Our mouths are watering already!


Don't holiday in France without checking out PLBA's list of top halal restaurants. Dedicated to finding the best restaurants that serve only halal meat in an easy-to-use website. Simply put in your chosen area and choose from the list. 

We might just have to take a trip to France!


If it's a list of top quality restaurants you're after, then check out Halal Food Guy. His rating system marks each restaurant on their food, value, service and atmosphere as well as providing a separate 'instant food rating', which is simply all about the taste. 


Newlyweds sharing their passion for food and travel with the occasional home recipes to inspire Muslims to eat well whilst travelling around the globe.
Their aim? Finding authentic halal versions of local delicacy’s, and providing in depth reviews that identify if there are prayer facilities available.

"Travel brings love and power back to your life" –Rumi, Halal Travelgrams